Learning the elements
This presentation shares perspective on the water-energy nexus sharing a wealth of information regarding the important connections and opportunities between water and energy.

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Energy Savings   Water Conservation   Cooling Towers
Ethanol Producer Water Conservation
Ideas to limit water use in ethanol production utilizing a "reduce, reuse, recycle" frame of mind.
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  Water Management Guide
General water management guide for facility managers.
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  Protect Cooling Systems from Fatigue
Keeping your cooling equipment in good physical shape during the hot months.
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Energy Savings in Large Office Buildings
Strategies for reducing energy savings in large office buildings by up to 50%.
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  Understanding the Water Footprint
Understanding our water footprint in order to better conserve water.
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  Simplifying Legionella Regulations & Control
A presentation addressing Legionella, the problems that it causes for industry, and how to monitor and control it's presence.
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Facilities Energy Management
Energy reduction strategies for optimizing your bottom line.
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  Water Management Report
Including articles regarding water resource opportunities, conservation, reuse, and many other topics.
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  Preventing Legionellosis Part 2
More on how to prevent/minimize Legionella in your water systems.
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Guide to 50% Energy Savings
Guide to achieving 50% energy savings toward a net-zero energy building.
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  U.S. Utility Executives' Water Worries
An article from Forbes addressing the importance of water to utility industry executives.
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  Water Optimization in Chemical Plants
Optimization efforts taken by several chemical manufacturers to reduce their water footprint.
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