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With low or no additional cost, significant reductions in building energy use can be achieved through building occupant behavioral changes, increased energy awareness, and O&M practices. This article offers a variety of different ways to do so in order to decrease your costs.

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Energy Savings   Water Conservation   Cooling Towers
Water Management Guide
General water management guide for facility managers.
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  Water Savings Cost Calculator
As water rates continue to climb, your company can realize bigger benefits from water conservation projects.
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  Water-Cooled vs. Air-Cooled Systems
The benefits of water-cooled systems vs. air-cooled systems for air-conditioning applications.
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U.S. Utility Executives' Water Worries
An article from Forbes addressing the importance of water to utility industry executives.
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  Water Optimization in Chemical Plants
Optimization efforts taken by several chemical manufacturers to reduce their water footprint.
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  Water Treatment in Closed Systems
A guide to understanding chemical water treatment in cooling and boiler water systems.
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Scale and Evaporative Condenser Performance
Effects of scale on evaporative condensers.
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  Water Management Report
Including articles regarding water resource opportunities, conservation, reuse, and many other topics.
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  Water Quality Guidelines
Guidelines for maintaining optimal water quality in evaporation cooling equipment.
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Saving Water to Save Energy
Important connections and opportunities between water and energy.
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  Water Usage Calculator
Interactive calculator to help you understand and estimate your water usage.
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  What to Consider When Selecting Green Cooling Towers
Criteria you should consider when evaluating your next cooling tower purchase.
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